About the World Explorers Collective

The story behind it

Coming back from a trip to rural Uzbekistan, remote villages in Burma, little communities along the Amazon River, or the gorgeous mountains of Georgia and being greeted with a smile, and curiosity in all these places; any traveler simply must be grateful.

By travelling far, seeing other cultures, and most importantly seeing and experiencing that all around the world people want to be good, want to help, and connect, a traveler can bring all these experiences back home and impact people.

Travelling is a privilege as much as it something everyone should do. Despite the personal challenges of immersing yourself into new cultures or foreign languages, often real and practical reasons pose even greater obstacles to travel and see the world: It is expensive.

Going to places that have a fundamentally different culture than your home often means travelling far. And that means it will take time and most importantly money. Often just a plane ticket to a new continent is so expensive that many dreams stop right there.

This needs to be overcome.


Born and raised in Germany, I was fortunate enough to travel to many different parts of the world and almost exclusively found one commonality: The beauty and sheer hospitality of people.

Experiencing that seeing the world will open your mind, I wanted to create an initiative that allows many people to have exactly these experiences.

Go out, get lost, meet people,
see places and bring all of that home

About of the World Explorers Collective

The setup

The World Explores Collective has been started in winter of 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark

With our podcast 'Art of Adventuring' where we talk with inspiring explorers, we reach and inspire people

One focus is distributing funds to winners of the World Explorers Grant to make meaningful expeditions possible.

The World Explorers Collective is not (yet) a registered organisation or incorporated, but a means to distribute funding and inspire people.

The people

This is made possible through a lot of input from many people on ideas, concepts, and execution and a lot of positive feedback from so many people participating and support from our partners.

Since its start, Torben has been operating the World Explorers Collective alongside his day job in the renewable energy business.

As the World Explorers Collective grows, more people (such as freelancers) support the initiative.

The vision

Giving out funding is just the humble start of creating a wider community where explorers can help and support each other. With stories, tips, guidance, and of course finances via the World Explorers Grant.

The World Explorers Collective can be a platform for any explorer to have a voice, inspire and get inspired.

Work with the World Explorers Collective


Your company or organization can sponsor in various ways:

  • Title or main sponsor to enhance your brand reach
  • Gear and equipment sponsor to market new products
  • Partnerships to support specific athletes or destinations


⭐️ Your benefit:
A focused and dedicated community means only small investment needed to get significant exposure for the target audience

Personal Collaborator

If you have a unique travel blog, are an adventurer yourself or simply love to support others on their expeditions; let's join forces and collaborate!

There are many ways how we can work together:

  • Joint content creation
  • Promotions for your book or offerings
  • Longer partnerships to jointly distribute funds

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