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World Record SUP Athlete

"No one just wakes up one day and breaks records"

Brendon became the first person to circumnavigate Britain on a SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard). Before transitioning into an adventure athlete, he worked as a teacher and lifeguard. Brendon is a passionate advocate for water safety and is the founder of the "Above Water" foundation. His achievements on the water and his dedication to promoting water safety reflect his commitment to both adventure sports and community service.

🥇 First Person to Circumnavigate the Coastline of Britain

🏆 Stand Up Paddle Boarder of the YEAR 2022

🌍 5x World Record Holder

🛟 Teacher and Lifeguard

Paddle Windermere & Llyn Tegid (Bala)

UK 🇬🇧
The mission of the adventure, to gain experience of UK large lakes for sharing water safety awareness.


8 Days at Sea

UK 🇬🇧
Jul. 2023 - Jul. 2023
Brendon Prince set off from Torquay Harbour lived on a paddle board for a world record 8 days & 4 minutes. Brendon took everything needed for the challenge with him from the start because no supply drops are allowed.


He only got off the board, at sea, to wash and attach a new fin as a seal had ripped one off!  He never came ashore for 8 days and 4 minutes.  He returned to Torquay Harbour at 12.04 on Tuesday 1st August.

Whilst at sea for the 8 days Brendon paddled 125km on the South Coast of Devon from Torquay, Dartmouth and Teignmouth.

Paddle Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands 🇫🇴
2022 - 2022
The Faroe Islands is a remote archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean. With its rugged cliffs (some of the highest in the world), lush green landscapes, and captivating fjords, this Northern gem has become a dream destination for adventure paddlers. 

Northern Ireland Paddle

UK 🇬🇧
2022 - 2022
In 2022, Brendon completed paddling the coast of Northern Ireland. 7 days 259.07 Km (average 37.01 km per day). In completing Northern Ireland Brendon is the first and only person to have Stand Up Paddle Boarded the entire UK coastline.

The Long Paddle - Around Britain

UK 🇬🇧
Apr. 2021 - Sep. 2021
Brendon Prince left Torbay in South Devon, England and paddled (Stand Up Paddle Boarded, SUP) in a continuous clockwise direction to circumnavigate mainland Britain and finishing on 14th September 2021.


141 days/ 3907.7Km (averaging 27.7 Km per day)

Brendon was the FIRST person to ever continuously paddle board mainland Britain and the ONLY person to paddle the entire UK coastline, plus he set a few records along the way.


Sennen to Torquay

UK 🇬🇧
2020 - 2020
Brendon and Noah paddled the 4 days from Sennen to Torquay. They completed the 250km in 4 days.

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