World Explorers Grant

The Winners are Announced!

Next funding round opens Q3/Q4 2024

Meet the winners of the 2024 World Explorers Grant

What is the World Explorers Grant?

Get funding for your meaningful expedition

Twice a year we select 5-10 expeditions that receive funding.

Next application window is expected to open End 2024


And this is how we support

Financial support & high end gear

worth $2000+

Each winning expedition will receive

💰 Monetary support: up to $400 cash per expedition
🎒 High-end gear from our partners: Waterproof Backpacks, Expedition Shelter & Merino Wool clothing

+ a bike-expedition special 🚲🤫

Our partners

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Your Equipment

Waterproof Backpacks by Ortlieb

Atrack Backpack Ortlieb
Waterproof backpack

Did you say waterproof? This is the answer.
German company Ortlieb is the front-runner in exceptional enduring waterproof gear.
You will be able to choose from a selection of backpacks fitting for your expedition.
A light daypack, or a fully-fletched expedition backpack carrying all your equipment or a good-old Duffel?
You can choose what fits best!

And on top of that you will receive an industry-leading drybag!


1 Backpack




1 Drybag

Drybag Orlieb

Merino wool clothing by LOOW

LOOW merino clothing
Merino clothing

Based in Denmark LOOW is known to make premium, sustainable, and 100% Merino Wool products that can withstand anything.
You will get a personal consultation by LOOW's product experts and a corresponding voucher of $550+ to select clothing that fits just perfectly for your expedition.

LOOW merino clothing

LOOW merino clothing

Expedition shelter by Heimplanet

Expedition Shelter

Heimplanet Fistral Camo is a German-engineered high-end, inflatable 1-2 person expedition tent using incredibly durable material.
One of these tents (including the small but powerful pump) will be shipped to our winners. No matter where in the world you are, with this performance tent you will be safe and dry.
Alternatively, you can choose to receive a Tarp.


SPECIAL: Ortlieb's Biking Grant


1-2 Bike expeditions have the chance for additional gear!

🚲 ORTLIEB sponsors full bike expedition sets (including seat bags, handlebar bags, panniers and more) depending on your needs!
ALL biking expedition qualify


Our values

Create impact for sustainable & meaningful expeditions

We strongly focus on expeditions that are in line with our core values


The expeditions benefit more people


No or limited use of motorized and CO2-emitting transportation


We can have an impactful contribution

More about the World Explorers Collective

& our Partners

The World Explorers Collective aims to inspire curious and accomplished explorers globally. Its core mission involves sharing inspiring stories and profiles of successful adventures through the renowned "Art of Adventuring" podcast and a network of fellow explorers. Central to its mission is the consistent funding of meaningful expeditions.

Impactful funding of meaningful expeditions through the World Explorers Grant

In 2022 the World Explorers Collective introduced the World Explorers Grant, an innovative initiative committed to funding and supporting purposeful adventures.

The primary objectives of the World Explorers Grant is to enable individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide to pursue their dreams and explore the planet through sustainable and impactful expeditions. To date, over 15 explorers from all around the world have received funding to go on their own, unique and meaningful expeditions.

Monetary and equipment support open for all inspiring explorers

The Grant is given out twice a year to winners irrespective of their geographical location or life circumstances, fostering an inclusive space for explorers to pursue their aspirations and contribute positively to the world.

While application is open to all, a particular focus lies not just on the journey itself but on how these expeditions can inspire and benefit others, setting a standard for sustainable and meaningful travel experiences. This comes with impactful recognition and support in form of monetary funding and provision of high-end equipment.

Conquering summits with ORTLIEB Waterproof as Main Sponsor to the World Explorers Grant

As a trailblazer of waterproof biking and backpacking equipment, ORTLIEB's commitment goes beyond quality products made in Germany; it encapsulates a profound mission. Dedication lies in designing and manufacturing innovative, waterproof products that empower customers to navigate their world and live their dreams.

With the profound belief in sustainable travel, ORTLIEB proudly supports the 2024 World Explorers Grant through generous monetary funding that directly fuels meaningful expeditions, and extends their support by also providing essential equipment for every Grant Winner. As main sponsor, ORTLIEB exemplifies their dedication to the biking community, by furthermore sponsoring selected expeditions with a full bike-packing set, specifically curated to fit the expedition needs.

Stay warm and safe with expedition gear provided by Grant Partners LOOW and HEIMPLANET

Copenhagen-based LOOW crafts durable merino wool garments, prioritizing functionality and sustainability, locally manufactured to ensure quality and reduced environmental impact. They support Grant Winners with customized, fit-for-purpose merino wool sets.

HEIMPLANET creates high-quality expedition gear like inflatable tents, emphasizing better fabrics, fair manufacturing, and lasting, timeless products to combat resource waste. They provide high-end expedition tents and tarps to ensure safety and comfort for the explorers.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply to the World Explorers Grant?

Anyone can apply for the World Explorer Grand. There is no restriction to nationality, religion, gender, ethnicity, experience, occupation, age or any other criteria.

When will the funding be paid out?

We expect the funding to be paid out circa 1-3 months after the announcement of the winners.

What are the selection criteria?

There are no hard criteria, but the selection will be based around criteria such as, how meaningful our funding will be to realise the expedition, the purpose, goals and benefit of the expedition, how unique the adventure is, has it been done before and/or does it help to understand our planet even better or connect cultures.

Intentions to publish books or talks about the adventure is generally considered positive, as they can enhance the impact of the expedition. How sustainable the expedition is and the determination, motivation and spirit of the explorer or exploration team applying also plays a role.

We are therefore more likely to choose meaningful and explorative adventures, where we can have a significant financial impact and are less likely to fund trips with a key focus on personal experiences.

How are the funds paid out?

Once your expedition has been selected, we will agree on a payment form. We are flexible and can adjust to the most suitable payment for you, depending on your needs and where in the world you are located. Either through regular bank transfers, via online services, or other means. We aim for the most seamless, convenient, and cost-effective solution.

Depending on your expedition timeline and preparation needs, it might be that we transfer the funds in tranches to accommodate for your expenses when they occur.

The equipment will be send to you as soon as possible - no matter where you life in the world.

What is the size of the World Explorers Grant?

The total size is not determined yet, but we expect to fund selected expeditions and adventures in the range of several hundred USD. 

We will decide after reviewing all applications how many expeditions will be funded.
In the future, we expect both the individual funding and the total funding to increase.

On top of monetary funding, there will be equipment that is given to the winners.

The total value per winner is estimated to be around USD2000+

When will I be notified?

You will be notified once the application window is closed and the reviewing process has started. 
We expect to notify the winners circa 1 month after the application has closed.
Unfortunately, we are not able to notify - or give feedback to - those applicants who do not receive funding.

What are the obligations attached to the World Explorer Grant?

The funds have to be used in direct relation to the expedition and we expect a start within 12 months. Should there be significant delays or cancellations, we request for the funds to be returned, but you have the choice to re-apply. Extraordinary circumstances (i.e. pandemics) will of course be considered.

Another obligation is that we and our partners can report on your adventures and that you provide us with updates, information, or pictures, which are free for us to use to, for example, promote you and your adventure.

To ensure that we can continue to work with amazing partners, we expect the winners to show and use the gear and engage via social media, highlighting the products, using specified quotes and tags.

How many times per year do you distribute funds?

We expect to distribute funding once or twice a year.

Where are the funds coming from?

The funds are coming from private donations of enthusiastic explorers themselves, members and founders of the World Explorers Collective and our partners.

Equipment sponsoring comes entirely from our partners.

How to become a sponsor?

We are always looking for sponsors and contributors.

We are beyond grateful, if you want to donate a little bit: Donate

If you want to partner with us and be a sponsor, send us a mail:

How will I receive the products?

Once you have been notified that you have been selected, we will align with you a timeline for shipping. You will receive all products in one package.
In case of supply shortages, please note that it can be possible that alternative products will be offered.

Can I choose different products or just more cash?

If specified, there is the chance to change products. In particular for backpacks and clothing, we will get in touch with the winners after the award to ensure the right size, model is available.

I have applied before, can I apply again?

Yes. You can always apply, even if you have applied before.

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