Charlie Christiansen

Charlie Uldahl Christensen

 🇩🇰 Denmark • Walking

Long Distance Hiker and Activist

"Water is life"

Charlie Uldahl Christensen is the founder of the NGO Walking for Water, dedicated to funding the installation of boreholes and public water pumps in African communities lacking clean water. Inspired by his volunteer work in Tanzania in 2013, Charlie has facilitated access to clean water for approximately 50,000 people through 81 water pumps across various African countries.

On May 18, 2023, he embarked on a 7,000-kilometer walk from Douala, Cameroon, to Arusha, Tanzania, aiming to raise awareness of the global water crisis. Previously, Charlie completed a 12,200-kilometer walk from Denmark to Tanzania spanning from 2015 to 2019, extensively documented in Danish media and on his YouTube channel.

💧 Founder of Walking 4 Water

🥾 Walking from Denmark through Africa

Walking through Africa

Tanzania 🇹🇿
May 2023 -ongoing
Starting in Douala, Cameroon on May 18, 2023, I intend to walk approximately 7,000 kilometres to the village of Lengasti, near Arusha in Tanzania, to raise awareness of the global water crisis and the NGO's sponsors.


NGO Walking for Water, which aims to raise funds to establish boreholes and public water pumps in African communities with limited access to clean water.

Walking from Denmark to Africa

Africa 🌍
May 2015 - Aug. 2019
4 years and 4 months walking a total of 12,200 kilometres down through Europe and West Africa through 20 countries

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