Pablo Nemo

Pablo Gonzalez Nemo

 🇪🇸 Spain • Walking

15.000km walk across Africa

"From my perspective, all the answers we seek as human beings are found in observing the wonders that surround us. It is a spiritual journey that reminds me of the beauty and diversity of life and makes me reflect on our purpose here in this world. When you walk, you live in the present. It is your moment, where you enter into union with everything."

Pablo became the first Spaniard in recorded history to WALK ACROSS AFRICA, spanning 11 countries over 800 days, completely alone and unassisted in the 'Cradle of Humanity'. Drawing from the profound experiences and lessons learned during his journey, he is dedicated to motivating individuals to face their own dreams and challenges.
His mission is driven by a desire to inspire others to pursue their aspirations, promote the care of nature, conserve the planet's cultures and biodiversity, and create a positive impact in the world through different projects.
Currently, Pablo is actively working on a book and a docuseries that chronicle his adventure. He is also contemplating new challenges and adventures around the globe.

🥇 First Spaniard to walk across Africa

🇹🇿 Tourism Ambassador of Zanzibar

🎖️ 'Adventure of the Year'

🎖️ 'Medal of Honor from the National Youth Council, Cairo, Egypt

Walk across Africa

Africa 🌍
Nov. 2021 - Jan. 2024
1st Spaniard in recorded history walking Africa for 800 days, from Cape Town to Cairo


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