Our vision

unite all adventurous minds from around the world and inspire, motivate, and encourage everybody to set sail, start walking or simply get going on unique adventures and expeditions to explore our planet

We are currently building up the World Explorers Collective and implementing features step-by-step.

See below for what's coming soon.

Inclusive explorer community

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Our inclusive community will be open to everyone and we encourage everyone to join.

Whether one has already achieved grand success on explorations, is currently undertaking an expedition or is simply passionate about adventures and our planet, everyone is welcome and wanted.

Contrary to renowned, exclusive and invitation-only clubs or societies, we want to open doors to every curious human to have the opportunity to set out to explore our planet one step at a time.

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Access to expedition funding

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The World Explorers Grant will remain at the heart of our community, where unique adventures and meaningful expeditions will be selected and then funded .

This cross-border fund is one of its kind, allowing all adventurous minds from around the globe and from all walks of life to fulfil their dreams, reach new heights and help explore our planet.

Inspire others to dare

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Everyone once stood in front of a first. 

We all were overwhelmed at one point, but once accomplished we now thrive on sharing our experiences, giving back and inspire everyone, to set sail, start running, get going, and start exploring our blue planet, which we love so dearly.

Once implemented our community will provide a platform for experienced explorers to promote their expeditions and give them the opportunity to create trainings and teach other community members.

more to come soon

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Aside from the benefits, such as access to the community and the possibility to get expedition funding, further features will include 

exclusive offers for high-end gear or services from our partners, 

access to our training curriculum (either as trainer or as participant) and

the possibility to promote your own adventures or join expedition teams.

stay adventurous, more is to come


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