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Because nothing great is ever achieved alone

We are very proud and grateful to work with our incredible partners, who provide high-end gear and support for the World Explorers Grant

ORTLIEB - The best waterproof outdoor equipment


All over the world, ORTLIEB is the promise of waterproof, long-lasting outdoor equipment. Their bags and backpacks travel all over the world, but when it comes to their development and manufacture, it's short distances that matter.  90% of all processes take place "in-house" in Germany, from design to construction, mechanical engineering, marketing and product management to sales reducing carbon footprint and ensure maximum quality.

> ORTLIEB is the Main Partner: They support the World Explorers Grant with equipment and monetary.

LOOW - Merino clothing made in Denmark


LOOW is a Danish clothing brand, specializing in making high-quality merino wool garments. Founded by a former member of the Danish Special Forces, functionality and durability are the essence of LOOW. Using only the best fabrics LOOW creates one of the longest-lasting and most versatile clothing that fits every and any adventure. All of their clothes are locally manufactured, which ensures the highest quality, fair wages and significantly reduces carbon footprint.

> LOOW is our equipment sponsor for the World Explorers Grant.

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HEIMPLANET - The future of expedition tents


HEIMPLANET is a Germany-based outdoor company known for producing high-quality expedition gear, such as inflatable expedition tents, using better fabrics, fairer working conditions, better-trained manufacturers, cleaner production routes and more thoughtful designs. If quality is about meeting expectations, why just meet them when you can exceed them?

"We make products that last a long time, are high quality and very timeless. For us, that's the best way to combat waste of resources."

> HEIMPLANET is our equipment sponsor for the World Explorers Grant.

> HEIMPLANET is the producer of the World Explorers Collective T-Shirt

THE ADVENTURE FESTIVAL - Outdoor Festival of Adventurous Souls


At The Adventure Festival, you can explore what adventure means to you - it is different for every single person.
For some it is spending time in the wilderness with their families, for others it is traveling solo to distant lands and exploring new cultures, still for others it is spending time in or on the water, at the top of a mountain or pushing their body and mind to extreme limits. Adventure is as much about the inner journey as it is the outdoor adventure!

> The Adventure Festival is aligned with our mission to promote conscious adventuring and provides a contingent of free tickets to our community

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