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of the 2nd World Explorers Grant

Winners of the 2nd World Explorers Grant 🎉

Gianluca Vitello


Spending months in Arctic cabins and icebreakers to research polar bears. WIth is research on Svalbard he wants to draw attention the beautiful, but fragile Artic landscape 

Lukas Paltanavičius & Aisha Hassan

Lithuania & Netherlands

Promoting sustainable farming throughout the world, by biking from one small farm to the other, sharing practices and stories and eventually reaching policymakers

Emma Swensson


Passionate alpinist who wants to put female mountaineers in the agenda. She wants to bike to and climb Mt Denali while teaching a woman who has been on a mountain.

Saoirse Pottie


Cycling Africa on a bamboo bike to support sustainable and local businesses using the natural material, where the bamboo bikes are built. When entring Europe she will wear a panda costume, to raise attention for her cause

Raj Pahnden


Environmental activist, who cycles the world promoting sustainable travel and raising climate awareness. He has been on the road for many years and inspired many to follow his footsteps and advocate for better world.

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