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Winners of the 3rd World Explorers Grant 🎉

Werdah Hussain

UK / Pakistan

Being of Pakistani descent she is cycling over 1000km across the Karakorum highway in Pakistan along parts of the old silk route to connect with remote communities.

She hopes to inspire other women to take on big challenges, both in the UK and Pakistan. Hopefully, if they see someone that looks like them, that isn't an "athlete" do it, they can see they can too. 

Follow Werdah and her journey on Instagram: instagram.com/werdahh/

Hanna Ollos & Jonas Sommer


Their project Biking4Biodiversity is a journalistic conservation mission, cycling across over 20 countries and 20.000 km to discover and share initiatives and the people behind them, who dedicate their lives to the protection of biodiversity. Biking4Biodiversity is a celebration of nature and its guardians.

They want to inspire collaborative action based on communities, solidarity and climate justice. Local communities are the core of the whole journey. They meet organizations, initiatives and individuals in each country they visit and interview them about their efforts to protect local biodiversity and their contribution to a positive future of their region.

Follow them on Instagram: instagram.com/biking4biodiversity/

Sajana Bhadel


Sajana Bhadel is a social entrepreneur and an avid traveller. She is a co-founder and founding president of Girls Empowered by Travel Nepal, an award-winning organisation that enhances the leadership skills of young women through travel.

As a Nepalese trekking guide and founder of the non-profit Girl Empowerment by Travel Nepal to get more Nepali women into the outdoors and support women and girls from marginalized communities. Together with other girls, she will be climbing 6150m Island Peak in her homeland.

Follow her Sajana Instagram: instagram.com/sajanabhadel/

Ilina Arsova & Nina Adjanin


People from the Bolivian Andes were born and raised in high-altitude environments and have developed deep relations with the mountains. In 2015, a group of indigenous women from Bolivia and Peru started a new chapter in women’s mountaineering ascending the highest peaks of South America. 

Ilina & Nina are researchers and university professors in the USA and the purpose of their expedition is to climb and engage with local female climbers in Bolivia while documenting their lived experiences in the remote mountains. 

Ilina is the first and only Macedonian female to scale the top of the world, mount Everest 8848m, and complete the 7 summits mountaineering challenge scaling the highest peaks on each of the seven continents.

Nina Adjanin is no stranger to adventure. A former high-altitude mountain guide, she has climbed many high peaks in the Himalayas and even sailed across the Atlantic from Gibraltar to the Caribbean. She survived a Taliban attack, lost a loved one, saved a life, received significant honors, and climb many mountains around the world

Read more about Ilina on www.herstory.pro and follow her Instagram: instagram.com/ilina_arsova/

Learn more about Nina on www.ninaadjanin.com and follow her on Instagram instagram.com/ninaadjanin/

Thit Ringbøl Bitsch & Håvard Kyvik Graverholt


As artists they combine adventure with art, as they will document some of the world’s finest fjord landscapes in Norway through hiking, kayaking and traditional outdoor living and ultimately capture the scene in drawing and painting resulting in an art book.

Thit & Håvard are going to paddle up the longest fjord in the world in kayaks. (Sognefjorden) They are going to sketch, write and draw along the way creating material for a graphic novel that will be put together and edited when the trip itself is finished. The goal is to publish it and share the unique experience with people in a new way through the breathtaking drawings and text that leave a fresh and immersive impression.

Read more about Thit and follow her Instagram: instagram.com/thitbitsch/

Learn more about Håvard on Instagram: instagram.com/haavard.kyvik/

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