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Winners of the 4th World Explorers Grant 🎉

Heidi Walsh


A professional whitewater kayaker from the UK looking to bring together a group of the best kayakers in the world to complete the first ever all-female descent of the grand canyon of the Stikine - a mighty class V (5) descent in Canada

Follow Heidi and her journey on Instagram: instagram.com/heidiwalshxo/

Timm Döbert & Leanna Carriere

Germany & Canada

'Wings of Survival' marks the first expedition under the banner of the 'Flyway Heroes' initiative, an expedition series that embraces a unique blend of human adventure, scientific exploration, natural history and extreme sports. Emulating the migrations of billions of birds, Dr. Timm Döbert and Leanna Carriere will cycle and pack raft nearly 30,000km from Alaska's High Arctic to the southern tip of South America, to help advance planetary stewardship.

"Only by connecting our human with the avian experience will people fully comprehend the extraordinary journeys, and conditions, of migratory birds and why we all should care about keeping animal migrations alive."

Follow them on instagram.com/wingsofsurvival/, www.wingsofsurvival.comwww.flywayheroes.com

Alex Sidney

UK / Italy

Alex, alongside his dog companion Nova, embarks on a journey to become the first person to cycle the world on a Tall-Bike. Their mission extends beyond exploration as they aim to visit dog shelters worldwide, shedding light on the importance of animal welfare and the need for global action to care for our furry friends.

Through their travels and documentation, they strive to raise awareness about the plight of stray dogs and inspire compassionate initiatives to support them.

Follow their journey on Instagram: instagram.com/tallbiketour/

Grace Gunawan


Having spent most of her life in city surrounded by mountains, Grace Gunawan has a deep passion for exploring nature while ensuring its sustainability. During her hikes in Indonesia, she often encounters trash, especially plastic waste, littering the environment. Grace aims to organize mountain clean-up expeditions, starting with popular hiking destinations such as Mount Rinjani in West Nusa Tenggara.

She plans to install trail signs on official routes to enhance safety and reduce the risk of hikers getting lost.

Follow her on Instagram: instagram.com/gracegunawans/



Manoel Morgado


Manoel Morgado was born in Brazil and lived there until he was 33 years old when he left Brazil to live in the mountains. He climbed Everest and Cho Oyo and tried Manaslu without supplementary oxygen and sherpa help getting to 400 meters of the summit. He climbed the Seven Summits and many other mountains in the world. Last year he became the 27th person in the world to do the Nepal Great Himalayan Trail in one season by the highest possible route.

In September 2024 he will cross the whole of Buthan from East to West, always near the Tibetan border in 40 days with 40.000 meters of positive altimetry becoming the 4th person in the world to do both the Nepal and Buthan GHT.

Learn more about Håvard on Instagram: instagram.com/morgado.manoel/

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