Becoming an Ultra Endurance Athlete “I swam up to 10h a day in a pool to get ready”

Nick Pelletier


After the concussion, the dream just ended

Nick Pelletier, a Canadian adventurer and endurance athlete, initially aspired to be a professional baseball player. However, a concussion during a game forced him into years of recovery, leading him to abandon his baseball dreams. Inspired by his triathlete father, Nick redirected his passion into long-distance endurance adventures, including cycling across the U.S. and undertaking multi-day swimming challenges.

In his latest feat, Nick swam over 100 kilometers across a Canadian lake, a challenge that took several attempts over several years. What makes this accomplishment even more remarkable is that, at one point, Nick faced a shoulder injury, persevering through the daunting distance using only one arm. His story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of pushing personal boundaries, inspiring others to overcome obstacles with courage and tenacity.

Nick has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Nick

Nick is a Candia Adventurer and Endurance athlete having recently swum the 106km across Lake Okanagan.

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