FIRST BLIND Person on EVEREST; Kayaking Grand Canyon Blind; He's Turning ANGER into FUEL; Filming Real Adventure with Will Smith & how to give a child a LIFE TIME of CONFIDENCE

Erik Weihenmayer


"I turned my biggest weakness into fuel and my strength"

Erik Weihenmayer – the FIRST BLIND person to conquer Everest and he also kayaked the Grand Canyon - not seeing a thing.

Imagine losing your sight at 15, but Erik turned anger into fuel and weakness into strength. We chat with Erik about his adventures, including climbing and filming with Will Smith for National Geographic.

Plus, we explore the game-changing Brainport device, making it possible for blind individuals to "see" through technology. Ever wondered how a blind person can rock climb?

And he shares the powerful role of his dad – and that one day when his dad shaped a LIFETIME of CONFIDENCE. Join us for an inspiring chat covering Erik's journey, tech breakthroughs, and the influence of parental support. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Conquering Everest against ALL ODDS! (even SHERPAS DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE HIM)
  • Kayaking the most dangerous rapids in America - blind!
  • Climbing and filming with Will Smith for National Geographics 'Welcome to Earth'
  • Brainport: A tech marvel to make blind people SEE Rock climbing as a blind person
  • The pivotal role of Erik's dad and HOW parents can boost their children's CONFIDENCE


Erik Weihenmayer Will Smith

Erik has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Erik

Erk is an American mountaineer and kayaker, who turned fully blind but stood on the tallest of mountains since. He is the founder of a Mission driven Movement: No Barriers

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