HISTORIC FIRST! Kayaking the Notorious North West Passage and A Simple Mindset Trick to ALWAYS Succeed

Mark Agnew


"With this mindset shift, I could never fail"

Mark Agnew earned the title of European Adventurer of the Year, overcoming a setback in his attempt to cross the Atlantic.

Undaunted, he took on the Northwest Passage, kayaking alongside the Arctic Cowboys to become the first to conquer the challenging waterway by kayak and also making them the first to cross the notorious stretch of water using only human power (meaning also no sails).

Leaving his family behind with uncertainty hanging in the air, Agnew's journey became a testament to human grit and the pursuit of extraordinary challenges.

A total shift in his mindset was the fundament to make it possible.

Learn in this Episode about the

  • Historic Achievement to kayak for months across the harsh Arctic
  • How his daughter & pregnant wife deal with Mark being gone and the uncertainty,
  • and how to change your mindset to always succeed!
Arctic Cowboys North West Passage
Arctic Cowboys, Mark, Eileen, West & Jeff

Mark has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Mark

Mark is a British Adventurer, who with his team became the first to kayak the North West Passage.

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