Paddling the Yukon River, BEING A NOMAND for 14 YEARS and why the AMERICAN DREAM is STILL ALIVE

Dirk Rohrbach


"I love to meet people. They are the center of my expeditions"

Dirk Rohrbach, the German author, journalist, filmmaker, and adventurer, is driven by a profound desire to explore America and its remote places. He paddled the mighty Yukon in a traditional canoe while documenting the people and delving into cultural and political divides.

His passion is finding excitement within America, the enduring reality of the American Dream, and how he navigates the complex political landscape.

For him, not the mountains, or extreme nature are in focus - but it's all about the people.

What we talk about:

  • How he chose adventure over a medical career
  • Why he doesn't leave America for adventures
  • Why the American Dream is still alive
  • How to deal with the political divide and what changed
  • The different mindset between Americans & Europeans

Dirk has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Dirk

Dirk is a German journalist, adventurer, author, filmmaker, who is a trained doctor, but turned his life into one big adventure - fully focussed on the USA

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