Solo Kayaking from California to Hawaii 91 days alone at sea

Cyril Derreumaux


The hardest part was when reaching half way point. Another 50 days of struggle

Cyril Derreumaux, a French-American adventurer residing in California, achieved a remarkable feat by kayaking solo, unsupported, and solely by human power from Monterey, California, to Hawaii. His tenacious spirit and incredible determination to conquer this extraordinary journey showcase his unparalleled willpower. Despite encountering challenges, including an initial failed attempt that required a Coast Guard rescue within the first few days, Derreumaux didn't let setbacks deter him. Undeterred, he made a second attempt, enduring an astounding 91 days alone at sea before successfully reaching his destination in Hawaii. His remarkable resilience and unwavering commitment to this incredible expedition exemplify the indomitable human spirit and the pursuit of adventurous challenges.

cyril derreumaux
cyril derreumaux

Cyril has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Cyril

Cyril is a French-American adventurer who became the first person to kayak solo, unsupported and 100% human powered from Califronia to Hawaii.

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