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 🇳🇴 Norway  •  Mountaineering

High-Altitude Mountaineer

"The mountains make me feel good and make me a better person. Even when I am not in the mountains."

ne is a Norwegian mountaineer, who despite having only started climbing 8k mountains in 2022 has already summited K2 - the possibly hardest and most dangerous mountain. Aside from her mountaineering ambitions, she stays fit by doing Yoga, Ballet and skiing. Her personal storytelling has already gathered more than 100.000 followers.

🏔️ Summiting K2

🏔️ Summiting Manaslu

🩰 Was a professional ballet dancer

Climbing Broadpeak

Pakistan 🇵🇰
Dec. 2022
After reaching 6200m, the weather turned against the climbers, and descending from 8051m Broadpeak was the only option.

Summit Manaslu

Nepal 🇳🇵
Oct. 2022
Reaching the summit of the world's 8th highest mountain, 8163m Manaslu.

Summit K2

Pakistan 🇵🇰
May 2022
As her first 8000er ever, together with Elite Expled, Ane reached the summit of the most notorious and second-highest mountain in the world; 8611m K2

Ane Færøvig

Ane Færøvig

Climbing of Aconcagua

Argentina 🇦🇷
Jan 2022
First high-altitude mountain: Climbing South America's highest mountain; 6961m Aconcagua. Unfortunately, Ane didn't reach the summit, but she now was hooked and knew the next step will be big: The Himalayas.



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