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 🇳🇴 Norway  •  Mountaineering

High-Altitude Mountaineer

"The mountains make me feel good and make me a better person. Even when I am not in the mountains."

Ane is a Norwegian mountaineer, who despite having only started climbing 8k mountains in 2022 has already summited K2 - the possibly hardest and most dangerous mountain. Aside from her mountaineering ambitions, she stays fit by doing yoga and skiing. Her personal storytelling has already gathered more than 100.000 followers.

🏔️ Biggest mountaineering achievement to date is summiting K2

🩰 Practiced 16 years of ballet

Summit K2

Pakistan 🇵🇰
May 2022
As her first 8000er ever Ane reached the summit of the most notorious and second-highest mountain in the world; 8611m K2

Ane Færøvig

Ane Færøvig

Climbing of Aconcagua

Argentina 🇦🇷
Jan 2022
First high-altitude mountain: Climbing South America's highest mountain; 6961m Aconcagua. Unfortunately, Ane didn't reach the summit, but she now was hooked and knew the next step will be big: The Himalayas.



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