World Record Freediver: “To go 100m deep you need to be calm - a Wim Hof method is the worst thing you want to do“

Jennifer Wendland


I am not afraid when I dive. I can't be scared, I need to be calm.

Jennifer Wendland, a German world record holder in free diving with a record exceeding 100 meters, follows a well-rounded training routine. Alongside physical conditioning, she prioritizes mental preparation. She can't be afraid or scared, this would be deadly. Breathing and breathwork are a crucial part of her training, and she has a clear view of more "esoteric" breathing techniques since the required techniques to be calm are different from what people would expect...

Jennifer has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a world record free diver, holds records about 100m depth across several disciplines. She lives in Germany.

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