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Erden Eruç

Today Erden holds 15 World Records, many of them due to his incredible achievement to follow this line using human power only. That's why his biggest record stands taller than all - The first to solo circumnavigate the planet using only human power.How can one push themselves to so extreme limits? How do you keep going when all is against you? And how can you cope with being alone, at sea?

Mt Rainier (US) & Everest

Jim Davidson

For many years Jim and his partner Mike have been climbing together and were an experienced duo. In 1992, in their mid-twenties, they climbed Mt Rainier in the US. Everything went well to the top, but it was the way down from the summit that ended in a disaster.
And over 20 years later, while on Everest, disaster struck again.


Ane Færøvig

Ane Færøvig's story is so unique because, in contrast to many experienced mountaineers, who pile decades of experiences, she started out at zero recently. Her big dreams lead her to pain, fear, misery, joy, failure, and ultimately success and unprecedented passion.

Jongsong - India

Varuna Raina
In 2022 Varuna Raina was among only four selected civilians to join the Indian Army on a unique expedition to one of the most remote (and usually restricted) peaks in India: Climbing 7462m Jongsong peak that has only ever been summited once.                                                                                                                  

Sweden - Egypt

Dorothee Hildebrandt

72-year-old Dorothee cycled 8000km + to COP27 in Egypt to raise climate awareness. She fought dogs and loneliness along the way but managed to meet the Egyptian president and tell him her message in person. "Stop polluting our planet"

The World

Markus Stitz

Growing up in repressive East Germany, Markus loves and values freedom more than anything. In 2015, he set out on his journey of freedom, with a single-speed bike (that is a bike without any gears) to cycle around the world t- his dream of freedom. A journey that took him around the world and when he came back he understood the difference between, being lonely and being alone.


Louis-Philippe Loncke

Louis-Philippe Loncke put his name on the map when in 2008 he crossed the vast and deadly Simpson Desert in Australia in 35 days covering 800km, only using his own feet and carrying a heavy sled with him through the sand.
And then he did something even more extreme: Crossing Tasmania in Winter


Karl Kruger

As a winner of the 2017 'race to Alaska' Karl Kruger is not unknown in the SUP scene. But in 2022 he set out to his newest challenge. All alone and only with his SUP he wants to become the first person to cross the notorious North West Passage in Canada stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.


Eric Poulin

Together with his partners Sam and Ken, Eric set out to hike and packraft the sheer vastness of Greenland for several weeks.  Mysterious landscapes and majestic landscapes resulted in astonishing pictures and misery they endured in a fascinating story.


Mark Guido

After recovering from open heart surgery, he set out to scale the highest mountain in the world. But on Everest you do not only need a strong heart, but the entire body rebels, as at 8000m the Death Zone starts.

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Around the world

Toni Rodriguez Escoll

Now at the age of 55, Toni has decided to make his dream come true and travel the world on his bike. Having already experienced great hospitality and unfortunate hostility as well, he is certain that on his journey around the world he will see many open doors and meets countless open hearts.


Babsi Zangerl & Jacopo Larcher

Babsi Zangerl and her Partner Jacopo Larcher climbed the hardest free-climbing route on the Eiger North Face - the 1400m tall Odyssee - in 16h. Being surprised by thunderstorms and ice, this became the hardest day of their lives

Germany - Tibet

Stephan Meurisch

It all started out when Stephan walked the Camino de Santiago and shortly after decided to go further and longer. Fueled by the protests around Free Tibet, he wanted to travel to Tibet. However, he had two significant challenges ahead.


Torben Landskrone

In his traditional canoe, Torben started at the border of Colombia and Brazil to reach the city of Manaus, which is more than 1,600 kilometers downstream using only a wooden paddle as propulsion. Just before departing, he met Rob and the two of them started an epic adventure, which didn't go as planned...

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