How to film amongst Pirates, Gangs and Smugglers Following Migrants across Darien Gap

Rasmus Krath

South America

"I am just one person; that's why they trust me"

Rasmus Krath is a Danish filmmaker and adventurer who has built an unusual career. He's known for his ability to connect with people in some of the world's most challenging environments, including Somali pirates and the gangs in Rio's favelas. Currently, he's focusing his efforts in the Darien Gap, a remote and hazardous region situated between Panama and Colombia.

The Darien Gap is notorious for its harsh conditions, dense jungles, unpredictable weather, and its role as a hub for drug trafficking and human smuggling. It's a place where few people venture due to the risk of encountering armed smugglers, wildlife, and the harsh natural surroundings. Rasmus Krath's work in this challenging region showcases his dedication to telling stories from places that exist far from the usual paths of civilization, where danger and mystery are an everyday part of life.

Watch his latest Trailer for the new documentary in The Darién Gap

Rasmus Krath has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Rasmus

Rasmus is a Danish filmmaker based out of Copenhagen. His Danish debut film "Traveling With a Camara and a Kalashnikov" about the Somalia Pirates made international headlines.

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