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Marco Milanese


When in Panic I Find My Bubble of Clarity: Breathing

In the midst of Italy's awe-inspiring landscapes, Marco Milanese emerges as a remarkable figure who thrives in the heart-pounding realm of extreme sports. A base jumper and wingsuit flyer, Marco's unyielding passion for high-altitude adventures has led him to discover not only the limits of physical achievement but also the profound depths of his own mind. Against the backdrop of Italy's rugged mountains, Marco has found solace and inspiration, turning these towering giants into his personal refuge.

Marco Milansese
Marco Milansese

When Panic comes, I am Seeking the Elusive State of Mind: The Bubble

For Marco, the mountains offer more than just a physical challenge – they become a conduit to a state of mind he aptly terms the "bubble." Within this mental sphere, distractions fade, fear dissipates, and a laser-like focus takes over. This heightened mindfulness becomes his guiding light as he confronts each daring exploit. The bubble is where time slows down, decisions crystallize, and the present moment reigns supreme. With the bubble as his mental armor, Marco navigates the fine line between calculated risk and reckless abandon.

My system when in panic is simple. Focus on breathing.

A Multifaceted Pursuit: Free Solo Climbing, Highlining, and Base Jumping

Marco Milansese
Marco Milansese

Marco Milanese refuses to be confined by a single aspect of extreme sports. His endeavors span a rich tapestry of experiences, including free solo climbing, highlining, and base jumping. What sets Marco's approach to free solo climbing apart is his unique routine – he carries a backpack equipped with a wingsuit or parachute, ready to transform his ascent into a breathtaking descent. This blend of precision and audacity encapsulates his spirit and approach to life.

Triumph Over Adversity: Navigating Life-Threatening Moments

In the life of an adventurer, challenges are inevitable, and Marco has faced his share. He recounts two heart-stopping incidents that tested his resolve. During an ice climbing expedition, an icescrew unexpectedly loosened, leaving him suspended just inches above the ground. Undeterred by the close call, Marco gathered his courage and continued his ascent, determined not to let the shock define his journey. In another gripping episode, a wingsuit jump in Turkey took an unexpected turn as his parachute malfunctioned, propelling him dangerously close to a wall. Marco's ability to swiftly regain his composure and resume his mission reflects his unyielding commitment to embracing the unknown.

Marco Milansese
Marco Milansese

A Testament to Resilience and Presence

Marco Milanese's story is one of profound passion, unwavering resilience, and the extraordinary ability to find calm within chaos. His pursuit of extreme adventures isn't driven by recklessness; rather, it's a testament to his deep understanding of self and the importance of remaining centered in the face of adversity. As Marco continues to soar to new heights and traverse uncharted terrains, he stands as a living embodiment of the delicate balance between embracing the unknown and staying firmly rooted in the present moment.

Marco Milanese has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Marco

Marco Milanese is an Italian base jumper, wingsuit flyer, and passionate adventurer with a deep connection to the mountains. He also serves as a mountain guide and teaches young kids about nature.

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