Running Mont Blanc in 7h25m What's behind breaking World Records

Hillary Gerardi


When breaking world records there is so much behind the scenes people don't see

Hillary Gerardi, an extraordinary mountain runner who has taken the world of trail running by storm. Renowned for her remarkable achievements, she has etched her name in the annals of athletic history with her recent awe-inspiring feat. In an astonishing display of endurance and skill, Hillary shattered records by completing the daunting ascent and descent of Mont Blanc in a mind-boggling time of 7 hours and 25 minutes, firmly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of mountain running.

Her incredible accomplishment also earned her the title of the fastest woman to ever conquer the Mont Blanc ascent and descent in a single endeavor. While she currently resides in the picturesque landscapes of France, her journey began on the other side of the Atlantic, as she spent her formative years growing up in the United States. With a passion for pushing boundaries and a relentless determination, Hillary Gerardi has proven herself to be a true trailblazer in every sense of the word.

Hillary Gerardi
Hillary Gerardi

Early Mountain Running Origins: Pranks and Speed on the Hut Trails

Hillary Gerardi's journey into mountain running began during her youth while working on huts. Driven by a desire for speed and an adventurous spirit, she harnessed her running skills to not only navigate the trails efficiently but also to play spirited pranks on fellow huts, setting the stage for her future as a trailblazing mountain runner.

Mountains Molded Me: Not Your Typical Marathoner

"I would be bad in a simple marathon," admits Hillary Gerardi, a soul molded by the mountains rather than the conventional tracks.

Embracing her role beyond running, she thrives in the rugged landscapes that have shaped her, transcending the limitations of traditional marathons.

Hillary Gerardi
Hillary Gerardi

Unveiling the Unseen Efforts of Extreme Races

When Hillary Gerardi conquers extreme races, the triumphs at the summits often overshadow the hidden toil. Behind the scenes lie 20 days of battling harsh weather and relentless training, a narrative concealed from the limelight. As a professional athlete, she and her counterparts shoulder the responsibility of revealing that these awe-inspiring records are meticulously planned endeavors, shedding light on the untold stories of preparation and perseverance.

Furthermore, her feasts are enhanced by her use of ultra-lightweight equipment. However, the reality remains that this advantage comes at a price. While Gerardi leverages this specialized gear to her advantage, many aspiring athletes lack access due to the exorbitant costs associated with such equipment.

"In extreme racing, what you see at the summit is the result of strategic planning, unwavering dedication, and calculated choices."


The meticulous planning of breaking the world record at Mont Blanc

Hillary Gerardi's ascent to extreme racing glory is underpinned by a unique background rooted in mountains, rather than traditional running tracks. Accumulating years of mountain experience, she infuses her feats with a repertoire of skills, including rescue techniques and crampon proficiency. Beyond skill, her success hinges on meticulous preparation.

Gerardi's record-breaking achievements stem from a fusion of strategy and dedication. She meticulously scouts routes, forsaking GPS reliance for an intuitive understanding of the course. Even non-speed outings involve thorough planning and proper gear to ensure comfort and safety. Her secret? All-consuming commitment, as seen in her two-month project blocks.

Central to her approach is adaptation. While proximity grants her flexible windows, she emphasizes aligning goals with prevailing conditions.

In the world of extreme racing, Hillary Gerardi's story illuminates that summit victories stem from strategic planning, calculated choices, and unyielding resolve.

Hillary Gerardi
Hillary Gerardi

Personal Passion Fuels Her Race Choices - Not Prestige

The drive to run races isn't simply about competition, prize money, or media attention for Hillary Gerardi. Her motivation stems from a deep, personal connection to each event she chooses. Whether in races or her ambitious projects, she seeks to intertwine her passions with her pursuits, ensuring a meaningful link that fuels her efforts.

Post her remarkable Mont Blanc conquest, others suggested peaks like Denali or Kilimanjaro, but Gerardi's response reflects her unique approach. While these summits offer their allure, without a personal connection, she finds it difficult to commit. The sentiment of merely checking off destinations doesn't resonate with her; she craves that intrinsic motivation.

"I find my motivation in races and projects that hold a personal connection, intertwining my passions with my pursuits." - Hillary Gerardi

This stance not only shapes her racing choices but also influences her project undertakings. She envisions a balanced future where both aspects continue to thrive. As long as enjoyment remains at the core, Gerardi envisions herself racing and embarking on projects. Her unwavering emphasis on the personal connection ensures her journey remains guided by authentic inspiration.

Hillary Gerardi
Hillary Gerardi

Unveiling the Alps' Quiet Battle: Climate Change's Subtle Impact

While Chamonix might seem like a cooler haven, Hillary Gerardi reveals a hidden truth: the Alps are in the throes of a climate crisis, grappling with changes twice as intense as global averages. Beyond the headlines of heatwaves, a quieter yet impactful transformation is underway. Think less blazing sun, more nuanced shifts—scarcer snow, shrinking glaciers, and thawing permafrost.

These changes ripple through the mountains, affecting life at every elevation. Wildlife is on the move, scrambling upslope as their habitats shift and snow blankets thin out. Imagine arctic animals trying to adapt without the white cloak they've relied on for ages.

It's a delicate dance disrupted by a warming world. The once serene landscapes face a new challenge: maintaining the balance that's long defined their beauty. Beyond the postcard views, the Alps are in the midst of an ecological tug-of-war, and Hillary Gerardi is casting light on the unseen battles unfolding against the backdrop of these majestic peaks.

Hillary Gerardi have been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Hillary

Hillary is an American sky runner, currently living in Chamonix, France. She recently broke the World Record by setting the fastest time known (FTK) for a woman to run up and down Mont Blanc.

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