Youngest American woman on Everest Against all stereotypes

Lucy Westlake

2022 & 2023

As a young woman you are a big minority in the mountains

In the world of mountaineering, Lucy Westlake has emerged as a remarkable force, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to achieving the extraordinary. Her journey is a testament to the power of determination, passion, and the unwavering pursuit of one's dreams.

Hailing from the United States, Lucy Westlake's journey to becoming a mountaineer began at a tender age of 7, when she embarked on her first climbing adventure with her father. Little did anyone know that this introduction to the mountains would spark a passion that would drive her to awe-inspiring heights.

Lucy Westlake
Lucy Westlake

The first setback

By the time she turned 12, Westlake had already achieved the remarkable feat of scaling all the highest mountains in the US, a challenge known as "high pointing," with the exception of the formidable Denali. Her determination and resilience were evident in every step she took, even when faced with setbacks. At 13, Westlake faced her first major setback when her attempt to summit Denali was thwarted by harsh weather conditions. However, her determination remained unshaken, and four years later, at the age of 17, she stood triumphant atop Denali's peak, marking yet another milestone in her mountaineering career.

Beyond the borders of the US

Lucy Westlake's ascent was not confined to a single mountain; she continuously sought out new challenges to conquer. She added notable summits to her repertoire, including Aconcagua, Elbrus, and Kilimanjaro, showcasing her versatility across different terrains and altitudes. But there quickly people were in doubt if she could perform.

"I took the jobs no one wanted in the mountains to prove that I am not the weakest link,"

Then it became clear that the next step will have to be the mighty Himalayas - and Mount Everest.

Lucy Westlake
Lucy Westlake

World Record on Everest

Mingma, a seasoned Sherpa guide with a wealth of Everest experience, became an integral part of Lucy Westlake's journey. Their partnership defied the cultural and geographical barriers that often exist in mountaineering. With immense respect for each other's strengths and a shared commitment to their common goal, they embarked on a journey that would take them to the rooftop of the world.

As a young female climber you are a big minority

At  18 years, 6 months and 8 days old, Lucy reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 12, 2022. The previous record was held by Samantha Larson who reached the summit on May 16, 2007, at 18 years, 7 months and 9 days old.

Lucy Westlake
Lucy Westlake

Balancing Dreams and Reality

Despite her remarkable achievements in the world of mountaineering, Lucy's journey has not been without its share of challenges.

"I love the mountains, but it is not easy to be away so much," she admits.

Balancing her studies at the University of Southern California with her passion for climbing and her commitments to family and friends posed a unique test of her time-management skills and determination. Nevertheless, Lucy's unwavering dedication to her dreams has driven her to persevere, proving that passion can indeed lead to extraordinary achievements.

Lucy Westlake
Lucy Westlake

Explorers Grand Slam: The actual goal

In 2023, Lucy Westlake set her sights on K2, one of the most treacherous and unforgiving mountains on the planet. Her attempt, however, came to a halt due to the inherent dangers posed by the mountain's infamous passage known as the bottleneck. Tragically, one climber lost their life in that same passage, serving as a stark reminder of the risks mountaineers face.

As Lucy Westlake continues to pursue her dreams, her ultimate goal remains becoming the youngest person to achieve the Explorer's Grand Slam. This ambitious feat involves not only scaling the world's highest peaks but also completing polar expeditions to the North and South Poles. This aspiration reflects her unyielding commitment to pushing the boundaries of human achievement and leaving an indelible mark on the world of mountaineering.

In the story of Lucy Westlake, we find inspiration—a reminder that with the right blend of resilience and vision, the seemingly insurmountable can be conquered, and the limits of human potential can be redefined.

Lucy Westlake has been guests on our Podcast "Art of Adventuring"

About Lucy

Hillary is an American sky runner, currently living in California. In 2022 she became the youngest American woman to climb Mount Everest.

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