Emma Timmis

Emma Timmis    🇬🇧 UK • Running  World Record Endurance Runner “Do it for the fun, it doesn’t matter if you can first or 100th” Emma Timmis is a British long-distance runner living in New Zealand. Her endurance adventures took her to many places around… Read More »Emma Timmis

Gavan Cover

Gavan Hennigan

Gavan Hennigan    🇮🇪 Ireland • Running • Rowing Ocean Rower and Ultra Runner “The Ocean is Honest, it always wants to kill you” Gavan Hennigan is an Irish Adventurer, who became the fastest Irishman to cross the Atlantic rowing solo. He completed several Ultra… Read More »Gavan Hennigan

Jordan Wylie Profile

Jordan Wylie MBE

Jordan Wylie MBE   🇬🇧 UK • Running • Paddling Extreme Adventurer “The purpose is way more important than the adventure” Jordan Wylie MBE is an award winning adventurer, international bestselling author and one of the stars of Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated shows Hunted and Celebrity Hunted. He is also… Read More »Jordan Wylie MBE

Wilco_van_rooijen Profile

Wilco van Rooijen

Wilco van Rooijen   🇳🇱 Netherlands • Mountaineering  Full Explorers Grand Slam “It’s on the summit where the expedition begins” Hailing from the Netherlands, Wilco’s insatiable thirst for adventure led him to scale towering peaks, traverse treacherous terrains, and undertake daring feats that have left an indelible… Read More »Wilco van Rooijen


Hillary Gerardi

HILLARY GERARDI   USA • 🏔️ Mountaineering 🏃‍♀️ Running World Record Skyrunner “I come from the mountains; I am not a runner” Hillary Gerardi, an extraordinary mountain and trail runner who has taken the world of trail running by storm. In an astonishing display of… Read More »Hillary Gerardi

Lucy Westlake

Lucy Westlake

LUCY WESTLAKE   USA • 🏔️ Mountaineering Youngest American Woman on Everest “I just can’t be away from the mountains” Lucy Westlake is an American mountaineer and athlete, who broke several records being the youngest woman to climb the highest mountains in the World. At age… Read More »Lucy Westlake

Karl Krüger_Profile

Karl Krüger

KARL KRÜGER  🇺🇸USA   •   Paddling Arctic Paddler “For me being in nature is about the spiritual connection with what’s around you and also your forefathers. Being alone out here is an integral part of reaching that state.” Karl Krüger has been on the water his… Read More »Karl Krüger


Kate Leeming

KATE LEEMING  🇦🇺 Australia  •  Cycling Extreme Endurance Cyclist “To help others, rather give a ‘leg up’ than a ‘hand out'” As an explorer/adventurer, Dr. Kate Leeming OAM has cycled a distance greater than twice the world’s circumference. On August 16th 2010 she became the… Read More »Kate Leeming


Ane Færøvig

ANE FÆRØVIG  🇳🇴 Norway  •  Mountaineering High-Altitude Mountaineer “The mountains make me feel good and make me a better person. Even when I am not in the mountains.” ne is a Norwegian mountaineer, who despite having only started climbing 8k mountains in 2022 has already… Read More »Ane Færøvig


Liz Warner

LIZ WARNER 🇺🇸USA   • Running Extreme Endurance Runner “While there are more days than not that I wake up craving that warm, comforting feeling of stability and predictability…in this lifetime, I choose to take the more precarious path of daring greatly. I choose to believe… Read More »Liz Warner