Julian Carr Profile

Julian Carr

JULIAN CARR   USA   •  Skiing Big Air Skier “Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.” – Ziglar Widely recognized for the biggest airs in skiing, Julian Carr has been featured in seven Warren Miller films, developing a reputation not only for big airs,… Read More »Julian Carr


Ulla Lohmann

ULLA LOHMANN 🇩🇪 Germany   •   Expedition Photography Volcano Video & Photographer “Don’t Dream it – do it” Ulla Lohmann is a German photojournalist and documentary filmmaker with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management. Ulla works regularly for renown magazines and broadcasters, including National Geographic,… Read More »Ulla Lohmann


David Göttler

DAVID GÖTTLER 🇩🇪 Germany   •  Mountaineering No-Oxygen Climber “Trust your gut feeling. In life in general, but particularly while mountaineering.” David Göttler is a German professional alpinist and mountain guide, who is known for his impressive feats of mountaineering. One of his most notable achievements… Read More »David Göttler


Erden Eruç

ERDEN ERUÇ   🇺🇸 Turkey | USA   •  Rowing World Record Ocean Rower “People who don’t know anything about adventures, ask the wrong questions. People who went on expeditions themselves, ask the right questions” Erden is a leading ocean rower in the world today. He… Read More »Erden Eruç